Italy Lux Wedding


The Italian wedding

The Italian wedding is an art form, where magnificence is the key word, and combines the taste of the show with music and the table.

The Italian wedding is a representation of style that draws its origins from Renaissance banquets, when power was expressed through the ostentation of the symbols of the table through which the greatness of the prince was exalted.

The Italian wedding will bring this representation of power in a modern key to your wedding where the bride and groom will be the prince and princess who we will exalt in all their grandeur.

The design

The design for the table and for the sideboards was often designed and created by great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Benvenuto Cellini, Tiziano, Giulio Romano, Andrea del Sarto.

Today the Italian wedding design are the work of the best Italian designers, the planners of dreams, whose work is the manifestation of what they have always breathed, their passions for design, art, collecting and antiques, creativity, love of flowers, taste for refined cuisine, the result of life paths and family stories, self-expression through the concept of "art of living".

This is how every project is born and followed, whether it be for decoration or for the staging of an event, with the attentive spirit of the landlord, who wants to amaze, amuse and fascinate his guests.

Banquet food

Historically in gastronomy the most significant of the status symbols of the table was sugar which could coat and embellish all sorts of food, especially sweets, which were presented on the table in the form of incredible goldsmith works and throughout the banquet the sweet and sour taste dominated and spicy, obtained through condiments such as verjuice. All types of feathered or furred game were served, especially waders and fowl, while the river or fishpond provided fresh fish, the most prized being sturgeon and shad.

Today the tables of the wedding banquet of the "Italian wedding" are enriched with the best delicacies of Italian gastronomy, from delicately flavored sausages to the highly prized alpine cheeses, the symbolic pasta of Italian cuisine, the noblest meats and river fish are added those of the sea and shellfish, the condiments are enriched with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena and the spices are enriched with variety and flavors expertly combined by authentic masters of the kitchen who know how to create bouquets of unforgettable flavors and dishes which are authentic works of art.

The wine

The Italian wedding banquet is accompanied by highly prized wines served at the table, including Messisbugo, Malvasia, Racese, Magnaguerra, Siruolo, Greco Toscano, Greco di Somma Vesuviana, Graspia, Corso, Sanseverino di Campania , Romanesque Latin, the historical wines of the Renaissance banquet, give way to the more recent and highly prized Barolo, Barbaresco, Franciacorta, Amarone, Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Cannunau, Nero d'Avola, Aglianico, Negroamaro, so much to name a few.

Music, entertainment and fun

Lunch is accompanied by musicians who play and sing, to break the cadence of the succession of courses and recreate those princely atmospheres in which banquet scenes were depicted musicians holding stringed and wind instruments which today, in a modern key, can reproduce sounds and musical genres able to amaze and excite.

Since the time of history, even the theatrical performances have been part of the interludes of the banquets, always cared for by the intellectuals at the service of the courts, today the comedies leave room for dance bodies, artistic performances of various kinds and highly spectacular light shows, accompanying over at the banquet every single moment of your event, cheering up and astonishing your guests.