Italy Lux Wedding


The original Italian wedding

The Italian wedding, a real art form where magnificence is the key word, with spectacular preparations, artistic culinary compositions, musical accompaniment and theatrical performances, a style that originates in the history of the great dynasties from the Medici of Florence, to the Bourbons of Naples, from the Visconti in Milan to the Dukes of Este in Ferrara, a grandiose party that Italy Lux Wedding will make you relive in a modern way.

Getting married on Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the trendiest destinations in Europe. In ancient times Virgil and Pliny the Younger owned villas on the shores of Lake Como, today the famous Hollywood actor George Clooney, the Italian designer Gianni Versace and many other celebrities have acquired their villa here and countless are those who have chosen the romantic setting. and unforgettable Lake Como to celebrate their wedding.

Amazing venues for your wedding

Italy has the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate an unforgettable wedding. You can choose between romantic lakes, beautiful cities of art, such as Venice, Rome and Florence, pearls of the maritime coast of Italy, including Portofino and Amalfi and other seaside resorts. The extraordinary Lake Como, where the villa of the famous Hollywood actor George Clooney is located, the magnificent castles of Italy, in one of which the wedding of Tom Cruise took place, the ancient farmhouses of Puglia, so loved by Madonna and many famous actors.

Spectacular design

The furniture for the table and sideboards was often designed and created by great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Benvenuto Cellini, Tiziano, Giulio Romano, Andrea del Sarto, the Italian style design makes your wedding an artistic expression and will give a distinctive character of your uniqueness and magnificence, filling every corner with an incomparable beauty and aesthetic taste.

The great Italian cuisine for weddings

Italian gastronomy represents the status symbol of the banquet, a union of flavors between raw materials of absolute excellence, from meat to fish, and the freshness of vegetables and spices obtained from organic crops, all accompanied by an incredible variety of wines fine wines, Barolo, Brunello, Amarone, Franciacorta, just to name a few.

Musicians, artists and choreographies for great shows

Lunch is accompanied by musicians who play and sing to break the repetitive cadence of the courses alternating with the deeds of artists in the most varied performances and then close with the inevitable highly spectacular final show to greet the spouses and wish them long life and happiness together.